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Rest & Relaxation

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    • The Morning Glory
    • 5.45am-10am, Mon-Fri
    • The radio show that Fiji wakes up to has a great mix of uptempo beats to get you going. Hosted by Matthew and Kara you’re in for a fun morning with their humour and hot issues are also discussed relating to current affairs, world news etc.
    • The Centre Show
    • 10am-3pm, Mon-Fri
    • The Centre Show with the enthusiastic company of Geraldine will certainly keep you entertained & get you moving to the rhythm of the beats. The great variety and selection of tunes lined up to suit your taste will surely get you hooked on Goldfm.
    • The Ride
    • 3pm-7pm, Mon-Fri
    • It’s upbeat tunes on The Ride with “D” from 4pm-7pm. He makes a great host with an energy that could light up any room. He also has your daily hourly express requests on The Ride!
    • Chilling Out
    • 7pm-12am, Mon-Fri
    • The show is an exceptional mix of the best easy-listening tunes and love ballads to help you wind down after a hard day at work. DJ Tora is your ideal music companion ensuring that your day is headed to the chill-out zone – sit back & relax!
    • Saturday Breakfast
    • 6am-12pm
    • Saturday breakfast is a laid back show that is sure to get you lost in “Only the Classic Hits” and hungry for more! The presenter also has interesting things to talk about briefly as well as to keep you entertained! The major news bulletin is at 8am.
    • Saturday Sports
    • 12pm-6pm
    • Saturday Sports is the show that keeps you in the loop of current local and international sports news. And what a bonus to get all this information along with the best songs! The major news bulletins are at 1pm and 5pm.
    • Saturday Night Party Time
    • 6pm-12am
    • Hosted by Luisa every Saturday night, her soothing voice will compliment your night with the top picks of the classic party grooves. This is the show to definately party to!
    • The Sunday Jam
    • 9am-4pm
    • Every week “The Sunday Jam” from 9am – 4pm starts off with an hour of Roots Reggae, 2 hours of Country music as well as 2 hours of the Vintage sounds. It continues with an hour of Classic Rock and winds down with an hour of the 90’s Icons.
    • Rest N Relaxation
    • 6pm-12am,Sun
    • Join DJ Tora for the R.N.R! A show like no other in Fiji, it lives up to it’s name. With the smooth sounds of the greats of Jazz, Rhythm & Blues every Sunday night. D.J Tora’s company will certainly make you sit back put your feet up and relax.