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The Morning Glory

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Sevanaia Tora


Pray and play, Play and pray.

Keep it SIMPLE because SIMPLE is Beautiful!

  • The most experienced member of the team, Tora started spinning records as a DJ from 1975 through to the 80’s before joining Fiji Broadcasting Corporation in the early 90’s as a radio presenter.
    He also is a talented percussionist having performed and toured with artists like Laisa Vulakoro, George (Fiji) Veikoso, Ulyssess, Jeriko ft. William Hatch and Tui Ravai & The Freelancers. Although he left radio in 1997 to pursue his music career, he returned to the airwaves in 2006 but still performs in a band called 1 2 8 in his down time.
  • Favorite sounds:

“I was brought up with rock music from groups like Led Zepplin, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, The Doobie Brothers, Earth Wind & Fire, Quincy Jones, The Brothers Johnson etc.”

  • Favorite movie:
    Boys From Brazil.