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Louise Cruickshank


Happiness counts for me in life no matter what circumstances you face you must turn it around to be always positive and keep lots of love in your heart to share with everyone around you.

  • Louise is a fun loving mother, who after many many years of being at home decided she wanted to become a radio presenter. She says that she can’t imagine her life without God, music, her children and 6 grandchildren. Louise also loves to sing and have a good laugh.

Favorite sounds:

I love music full stop but I am most familiar with the late 70’s and the 80’s definitely rocked for me due to the fact I was a teenager then. I soooo loved Michael Jackson and even tried to dance and dress like him lol!! Other favourite musicians are Prince, David Bowie and Madonna. Best bands would be Chicago, Duran Duran, Toto & the Go-Go’s to name a few! Oh the 90’s was cool too, as well as the 60’s owing to my Grandfather and my Mom of course!

Favorite movie:

Amazing Grace.