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Kara Koroi

Never go to bed angry…Stay up and fight!

  • When asked to describe herself Kara started off saying that she didn’t have a special talent… modest as she is, this young lady with one of the coolest personas on Gold FM, is also a classic music fanatic. She says she can’t get enough of music, is fond of animals and coffee brightens her day… and if home was closer to work….nah-she’d still catch a taxi!

Favourite sounds:
Haha… I got influenced alright but not enough to take up singing! If it’s anything that makes you sway, shake and stomp-that would be it. However, if I had to pick a few rock bands to listen to all day and night-they would include the Stones, Guns N Roses, Fleetwood Mac, Heart & Bon Jovi. As for R&B-fo’ shizzy it’ll be BOYZ II MEN..oh and for a bit of SOUL, a pinch of the Reverend Al Green would do. If it’s a hard day I’m having-then I’d most probably find myself lazing around to a bit of Reggae from everyone’s Uncle and UB 40.

Favourite movie: