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    • Karalaini Koroi
    • 5.45am – 10am, Mon-Fri
    • When asked to describe herself, Kara started off saying that she didn’t have a special talent… modest as she is, this woman has one of the coolest personas on Gold FM. She says she can’t get enough of music and loves animals.
    • Matthew Galuvakadua
    • 5.45am-10am, Mon – Fri
    • Matthew loves all types of music, as long as he feels it then he knows straight away that he loves the song or piece of music that he’s listening to. He is also a family oriented person who loves to enjoy life and live it to the fullest.
    • Geraldine Sen
    • Mon-Fri 10am-3pm
    • Geraldine is an animal lover, with cats being her favourite pet. She enjoys listening to the music that she grew up with (Country, Rock and Reggae). Geraldine often sings and humms to her favourite song. She loves to cooking as well.
    • Dion Cavu
    • Mon-Fri 3pm – 7pm
    • D as he’s known on radio describes himself as being like fine wine, getting better with age. Music that keeps him going are by artists like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie and the Police to name a few.
    • Sevanaia Tora
    • 7pm – 12am, Mon-Thur
    • Tora started his career as a DJ in the mid 70’s before joining radio. He’s also a talented percussionist having performed with renowned local artists like George (Fiji) Veikoso, Ulyssess, Jeriko ft. William Hatch and Tui Ravai & The Freelancers.
    • Lusiana Muamua
    • OB Presenter & Sat Sports host / 12pm – 6pm
    • Lusi is such a lovely old soul in a way with lots of energy and love. Lusi usualy tells her friends not to be afraid to experience life and to be happy. Lusi is also a spiritual young lass who loves to sing read books & socialise.
    • Louise Cruickshank
    • Sunday Breakfast 6am – 12pm
    • Louise is a fun loving mother of five childen and six grandchildren. She loves being a presenter and absolutely loves classic hits. She also loves singing & when she was in high school Louise was a strong swimmer and a good actress!
    • Soela Lalakobouma
    • Outside Broadcast Presenter
    • Soela describes herself as just being an average person who enjoys the outdoor life and doing things spontaneously. Soela considers music and radio as her life and always dreampt that one day she would be a radio personality.
    • Simione Tuvuki
    • OB Presenter & Sun Ride host / 12pm – 6pm
    • Simione says music helps him to relax and also motivates him; a soft spoken person he surprisingly loves socialising. He also loves swimming. Such a likeable person, Simi as we like to call him has a lot of friends.
    • Luisa Turaga
    • Presenter
    • Being able to address an issue on radio and to be the voice of the voiceless empoweres me. Being able to enjoy music from the 60’s to the 90’s and call it a job relaxes Luisa and makes her look forward to work everyday.